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Get more accurate results with the power of real life videos and high psychometric properties

Developed by the Lavi Institute, an ASHA approved CE provider

Nominated for ASHA innovator award, 2023

Save at least $1900 on tests and $275 on protocols/ year

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Our dynamic real-life videos combined with the highest psychometric test standards make our standardized tests engaging and highly accurate.

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Our Unique Impact Rating Scales:

Examine the impact that speech and language challenges have on everyday social interactions and/or academic performance.

Analyze adverse impact as required by IDEA.


The Impact Articulation and Phonology Rating Scale evaluates the impact of a child’s articulation and phonology on their academics and social interactions.


The Impact Language Rating Scale evaluates the impact of a child’s understanding and use of language on their academics and social interactions.


The Impact Social Communication Rating Scale evaluates the impact of a child’s social communication on their academics and social interactions.

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SLP Testimonials

I have been using the VAT website for 7 months now and have been impressed with the diversity and quality of their video based tests. it was very easy to learn how to start using the platform, they also offer an exceptional customer service/tech support. 

Maria Perez, MA, CCC-SLP Moreno Valley USD, CA

The VAT platform looks and works beautifully. It’s difficult to find a language battery test that is engaging, research based, functional and has solid psychometric properties but the VAT offers everything I need for my students when it comes to assessment.

Megan Young, MA, CCC-SLP Private Practice SLP, TX

The VAT platform is the perfect balance of excellent psychometrics, engaging and real-life videos, functional results, and pricing. But most importantly, they were able to deliver solid tests that produce an accurate and a comprehensive evaluation– one I can be proud of.

Jenna Romero, MA, CCC-SLP School-based SLP, CA

I’ve been very pleased with the video based tests that the Lavi Institute has developed. In the past, I’ve never used any online tests, but on a whim I decided to give VAT a chance since I had a high profile case where I used the impact rating scales. The first few administrations were great and my students enjoyed every single video during the assessment. Great service

Amanda Turner, MA, CCC-SLP Elementary School SLP, TX

The VAT platform has been truly a blessing for my caseload. Using this assessment platform has been amazing and useful in every way possible. From the easy to use platform, and the entire video based evaluation process in between, the experience & results were fantastic.

Monique Langston, MS, CCC-SLP Teletherapist, CA

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